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Landscaping Kildare, Offaly, Laois, Wicklow

Newbridge Tarmac and Paving offers a complete landscaping service to all their clients. With a skilled and experienced team capable of transforming all styles of gardens into something unique and beautiful to admire all year round.

Newbridge Tarmac and Paving Landscape Contractors

We offer high-spec modern landscape services to suit every budget. From paving areas to raised flower beds, hedge trimming, lawn replacements, patio renovations and more. Every project is different so we adapt to suit you, ensuring your needs are covered and your expectations are exceeded.

Lawns Kildare and Landscaping Kildare, Offaly, Laois, Wicklow

We try to cater every project to make sure it suits our client. From complicated and beautiful landscapes that require high maintenance to simplistic gardens that flourish in winter and summer alike with little effort. To installing paving around your garden or creating weed free flowerbeds using gravel stones.

At Newbridge Tarmac and Paving, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a first class service that is combined with extensive gardening knowledge, bringing you a high quality landscape service.

Our landscaping team at Newbridge Tarmac and Paving can advise you on what will work best in your garden and can suggest any additions that might enhance or simplify your garden for you.

Landscaping Made Simple - Let Us Help You Transform Your Garden

  • Site visit
  • Survey of the site
  • Subsoil and ground condition inspection
  • Survey of drainage and other services
  • Tree and planting survey to identify potential future 
damage to the driveway
  • Check standard of excavation
  • Check ground conditions
  • Check all debris cleared and removed
  • Check soakaway
  • Check heights, levels and setting out
  • Check correct installation of edge restraints
  • Check sub base
  • Check compaction
  • Laying of blocks to specification
  • Drainage and manhole covers to specification
  • Check steps, risers and treads
  • Health & safety check
  • Inspect completed job
  • Check snagging as appropriate
  • Check joint filling sand applied
  • Check final compaction
  • Check making good
  • Ensure all waste removed and site left clean and tidy

Newbridge, Kildare
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